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Are you looking for a magician?

Watch a magic show to escape from reality and witness the miracles.

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About Me

I have been working in the profession for a total of 12 years at numerous diverse events. Currently, I have more than 500 performances under my belt. The inspiration to become a magician came from my early childhood when my godfather showed me some card tricks, and he bought my first magic props for me at that Christmas. From that point on, over the years, I found a magic teacher in the person of Péter Sugár, from whom I had the opportunity to learn the basics of magic.
In 2022, I moved from Hungary to Spain, and for the past 2 years, the central venue for most of my shows has been Gibraltar, where I regularly enchant guests at the country's most famous 5-star hotel and a World Culinary Awards Winner restaurant. Apart from Gibraltar, in Spain, particularly in the Andalusia region, such as Marbella,
receive invitations to corporate events, weddings, and various other events.
Starting from 2024, my shows are available for private events worldwide, and tickets for my solo theatrical performances that leave the audience in awe can be purchased by clicking on ,,
Purchase your tickets."
Check if I will have a show in your country during my tour, and if so, we'll meet there!

Adam Daniel Bosze

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About the shows

A Magician is the perfect choice to bring unforgettable fun and lasting memories to any celebration or special event. I'm here to perform and entertain you and your guests.

My shows are also available for online events via video call. (Zoom, Google Meet, Webex)

Birthday Party Magic Show

This is a funny show, is suitable for both children and adults. Special magic trick for the celebrant. Magic show on any theme. (Harry Potter, Marvel, Easter, Christmas...)


Corporate Entertainment

Advertise your product and service as part of a fantastic magic show!
A custom magic trick related to the company can also be requested.

If you order this show, your future and existing customers will definitely not forget about your company! (Perfect for product presentations, team-building parties or end of year parties...)


Wedding Magic Show
Or Magical Proposal

Is it your big day?

This is a special show for both

of you and the guests. You will remember this show! Are you looking to marry the partner of your dreams? Then ask for the hand of your love with a romantic magic trick that we perform together.


Walkaround/Strolling Magic Performance

When I mingle between guests

I walk from table to table and dazzle them. (Perfect for standing or sitting receptions, galas, dinners...)


Magic Show For Kids

I invite more of the kids to the stage to be active participants in the performance. Magic show on any theme, I can even fulfill individual requests. (Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day...)
(Great for school events or indoor play centre...)


Mentalist Magic Show

Impressive mind reading on stage.

Predicting lottery numbers, predicting the results of football matches... (Perfect choice for large audience. Sport bars, dinners, football matches, casinos...)


Stage Show

I invite more of the audience to the stage to be active participants in the performance. Perfect choice for large audience. (holidays, dinners, 

school events, circus or end of year parties...)


Close-Up Magic Performance

When I stand at my table and the magic takes place close to the eyes in front of people with deck of cards, coins or sponge balls...

(Great for corporate parties, dinners, standing or sitting receptions...)

Photos and videos

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